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Founded in Salt Lake City in 2013. Moved to Montana in 2015. What started out as an SEO consulting company quickly blossomed into a full-fledged web development agency due to increasing demand for trustworthy and transparent web developers. Founder Andrew McNaught coupled his background with his connections and a company (and consortium) was born.

CYR Interactive is an army of one: owner / founder; Andrew McNaught who specializes in SEO, replatforming, usability, technical project management, social media marketing, and more. CYR Interactive also serves as the top node in a consortium of highly capable, extra small businesses; working together exclusively to produce just about any technical need, bridging clients to solutions, often times more efficiently than your traditional web development outfit.

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CYR Founder Andrew McNaught


Andrew’s first job in technology was converting print publications into web pages for the U.S. Forest Service intranet. In 2008, Andrew got a job in online marketing at backcountry.com. While at backcountry, Andrew wore many hats including analyst, planner, basic front-end coder, quality assurance tester, taxonomy manager, project manager, product manager, and replatforming liaison. In 2011, Andrew completed Scrum Master Certification training. In 2012, Andrew took his working knowledge of SEO to the next level by accepting an SEO analyst position at Oozle Media where he also dabbled in project management and account management. Andrew left Oozle Media in 2013 and shortly after, started up CYR Interactive. In addition to managing the day to day operations of CYR, Andrew began consulting for Decort Interactive in 2014 which he continues to this day.

Learn more about Andrew’s qualifications by visiting his LinkedIn page.

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